Deliverable No Deliverable name
D0.1Project presentation
D0.2.1 - D0.2.3Management report
D0.3.1 - D0.3.3Periodic progress report
D0.4Final project report and technology implementation plan
D1.1Standards-, technological- and research-base for the VIDE project, project evaluation criteria and user requirements definition
D2.1VIDE language definition
D3.1MDD suitable AO modelling and composition techniques
D3.2Specification of the AOC to be supported by VIDE
D4.1MDA quality defects
D4.2QA support methods for VIDE and quality defect discovery tool for VIDE modellers
D5.1Visual user interfaces for model-driven programming - Evaluation of tools, method definition and design specification for VIDE
D6.1Mapping specifications: VIDE to UML Action Semantics and UML Action Semantics to ODRA and common application server platforms
D7.1Metamodel and notation of the VIDE process modelling language, requirements concerning process model
D8.1Specification of the VIDE software development platform and of VIDE architecture
D9.0Early prototype supporting the textual syntax and model simulation
D9.1Early prototype of the visual code editor
D9.2The VIDE software technical design manual
D9.3Full VIDE system prototype installed at selected consortium partners' sites
D9.4Software test report and acceptance protocol
D10.1-D10.2Exploitation plan, dissemination plan, IPR Agreement (each 2 times during the project)
D10.3VIDE e-learning system
D11.1Industrial use cases and system evaluation results
D11.2Prototype Web-library with models for European SMEs
D11.3Workshop, competition, training course and verification