VIDE project is intended to enable the development of flexible, robust and evolvable software by offering:

For IT professionals

For business consultants

For the companies

For the end users

VIDE tool will allow the next generation of software to be supported by high-level development method aimed especially at data-intensive business applications. With VIDE, the application logic will be specified in detail within UML, eliminating the semantic gaps between UML and 3GL/4GL languages, making the applications fully platform-independent and hence surpassing most current approaches to OMG's MDA both in research and industry (see the picture below). VIDE follows the path of model-driven programming increasingly making 3GL/4GL code a readonly artifact and raising the level of abstraction (similarly to what 3GL languages once did to assembly languages). In contrast to today's focus of MDA development on real-time systems, VIDE will be developed primarily with data-intensive business applications in mind. However, the majority of its constructs can be considered domain neutral.

The VIDE approach will provide a fully visual toolset to be used both by IT-specialists and individuals with little or no IT-experience, such as specific domain experts, users and testers. This will support their common efforts in the faster development of more reliable systems of the future. The innovative user-friendly code editor of VIDE enabling both visual and textual coding of platform-independent models (PIMs) will increase the reliability of systems by limiting the number of possible bugs already at the coding stage.